South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Reviews

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Aaron A.

I first met Prof Steve Bonjorno when I started Tae Kwan Do back in the 90's. He got his first black belt there after 7 plus years of intense study. Guy was the same then as now intense and never ending in his quest of perfection in the Martial Arts. Later, in contact with him when he started studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Ricardo Almeida and Renzo Gracie. He's been a serious student of Martial Arts maybe his whole life not sure before age 10 or 12. When you join you see his #1 concern is for students both physically and mentally. He and his family are just what I call good people. Enough Said.....

Aaron A.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Steve L.

My family has been training here for two years now. I have two daughters, 4 and 6, as well as my son, 8, who absolutely love SJBJJ. The Professor and Coaches here have had a very positive influence on my children. Their dedication and passion to their students is second to none. The other students who train with my kids are always welcoming and the level of support they give each other while they train is great to see. They also offer a great family discount that has enabled us to train as a family. If you are looking to give your kids something that could have a positive lifetime impact on them, this is the place for you. If you are looking for a place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for yourself, try out their introductory offer and see for yourself why this is the best place in South Jersey for BJJ.

Steve L.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Anthony D.

Great school, people, and atmosphere. Can't ask for anything better after a long work day than to train with this school. Kids, teens, and adults, come in she'd those pounds you always wanted and have fun doing it.. Ossss

Anthony D.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Cesar S.

I've been going for a little over a month, my wife bought me a promotional month of training for my birthday. I currently train in judo, but was always fascinated with BJJ but wasn't sure how to work it in my schedule. NOT a problem at all here: 6 am classes, noon classes, 9 pm classes and 6 or 730 pm classes give me no excuses to skip training. So flexible, all instructors are very professional and welcoming, large mat to train, even frequent seminars by well known professionals/veterans of BJJ... Outstanding. For a very reasonable price also. I'm impressed by it all and encourage anyone who is reading this to give them a trial run and see for yourself.

Cesar S.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Nicholas M.

Been in the MMA business for the better part of 15 years as a gym owner, competitor, manager and trainer. Over the past two years, I have visited more than 30 schools on The East Coast and can honestly say that South Jersey BJJ is one of the best facilities I have ever encountered in terms of the gym itself, the instruction and the level of talent.

Nicholas M.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Veronica S.

The best Academy ever. The vibes are always positive; all of the professors, coaches, and training partners are kind, understanding, and push you to succeed in the most supportive way. Very thorough with instructions so it's easy to learn. They are also very sanitary. I'd recommend SJBJJ to anyone, anytime, anywhere and after you join, you will too. Give it a shot, it's addictive, you won't regret it!

Veronica S.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Paul M.

Phenomenal Academy with phenomenal people. I couldn't be any whole family trains here and we all love it. All the Professors and coaches go out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed. Professor Bongiorno has built something very special here and I am grateful to be a part of it....

Paul M.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Mike M.

I know Professor Bongiorno personally and can honestly say this is a great Jiu-Jitsu school with fantastic instructors, part of a team of champions! Kids and adults, If you are just looking to get in shape, develop self-confidence or become a UFC Champion this is the place.

Mike M.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Josh M.

Absolutely great school. Excellent Professors and committed training partners, all trying to make you better than you were the day before. Give it a try. It can and will change your life.

Josh M.

South Jersey Jiu Jitsu Elaine G.

Great instructors and a great group of people make this a gym worth coming to! Bring yourself and your family, you won't be disappointed!

Elaine G.

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